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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For They Shall be Filled...

“Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after
righteousness: forthey shall be filled.” –Mathew 5:6

Tonight my youth pastor preached from this passage of scripture. He went through each part of this verse and dissected it. The Lord really spoke to my heart about desiring God.

In this passage Christ is instructing his followers to hunger and thirst after- desire- God, and they shall be filled, not “satisfied” but FILLED- like after thanksgiving dinner. He also instructs them by saying that when a man hungers and thirsts after being right with God, they will be blessed. So basically, Christ tells them:

Approved by God are they which fervently desire to be right with God: for they shall be FILLED.

Wow. That’s powerful. Being righteous is, in fact, being right with God. Most people think of being righteous as doing good things but that is not what righteousness means- it merely means to be right with God. The natural man, once saved, has a desire instilled within them to be right with God- to be close to him.

My question is, have we, as young Christians, lost that zeal? Do we desire to be close to Christ- do we FERVENTLY DESIRE to be right with God? Do we seek him when we wake in the morning, while we are at work in the afternoons, and before we lay our head to sleep at night? Do we? Or do we forget? Do we merely read a proverbs in the morning and then continue through the day not even thinking about our dearest friend and savior?

The best part of this passage of scripture (Mathew 5:6) is the last part- it is a promise from God, a vow he made to us that when we desire him, we shall be filled with him.

Do we desire God passionately? What is Christ to us? Is he our friend? Our Lord? Our Savior? Our Creator? God should be all of these titles to us- and more. He should be our everything, without him- we should be nothing. HE should literally consume every part of our lives.

Because, “Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” – Jesus Christ said those words, and they are as true today as they were when he said them. PRAISE THE LORD!

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