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Friday, May 2, 2008


Today, I meditated upon a simple thought- I was considering what it was costing me to serve Jesus Christ. It was costing me many things: my comfort, my earthly passions, my silent hopes and my large dreams for success and wealth. It was costing me my family, my job, and even some of my friends. Following Christ is costing me a lot.

But, as I thought about these foolish, carnal things...I realized something.

I realized, it cost Jesus Christ so much more for me to follow Him and to have intimacy with Him. It cost Jesus Christ His life, His Blood, Pain... Nails pounded into his wrists and feet! He suffered and sacrified everything just so I could make the choice to follow Him, and yet we complain at times about what it costs US to follow Him.

Yes, the price to follow the Lord in this world is a large price, but Jesus paid the ultimate price with his blood.

And alas, oh, blessed day! I now realize my carnal joys, my family, friends, job, foolish dreams and hopes, and even my own life is not to high a price for me to pay for the Glory of Christ!

He died for me....

I must live for Him.

This video was shown at West Coast Baptist College during their Youth Conference with the theme of "Consider Christ." It's only about 5 minutes long, I hope you will take the time to watch this video. It's heart wrenching, and challenging.

He considered You...
Will you consider Him?

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Lyubov xrista said...

You are very correct it cost Christ ALOT. Well we could actually say it cost the Father His SON. That part in the trinity that is the Fathers Reflection of Holiness and all of HIS attributes! In Phil. 2, we read that christ was obedient to the point of death even on the Cross. Through that death we notice something very intriguing. Christ drank the cup which you and i are called to drink by nature. The cup of Wrath. The Wrath of a HOLY INFINITE GOD. Our Jesus Drank it. Isn't HE amazing. Not Just that Isaiah 53:10 says that God was Pleased to Crush His Son for us. Thank you for the post. It brought me to cherish the Cross much more!!!

- Vitalik