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Monday, May 5, 2008

If I Cherish Him

If Christ, in me, is all that lives...
My life is not my own.

If Christ, in me, Bids me, "Child, go and tell, as I would do",
and if He is my all in all,
My life is not my own.

If I truly love the One who saved me from death in hell eternally,
and the One who laid a place up for me in heaven,
then I willingly will say,
My life is not my own.

If the Lord, who created me and holds me together with his very fingers, bids me to love my neighbor as myself,
My love is not my own.

If Creator God, who alone is perfect, lives in me,
then my "goodness" is of Christ, not of my own works.

If the world stands in awe of my ability to change the world,
I must reply,
"It is by the grace of God, not of my own ability."

If I love Jesus Christ,
The one who suffered men spitting in his face,
ripping out his beard,
placing a crown of thorns on his brow,
and being beaten with the cat of nine tails,
having his hands and feet pierced with rusty nails,
and the One who died on the Cross of calvary,
and defeated death by rising again on the 3rd day,
Oh, if I love him at all,
If I cherish Him at all,
My life, love, being, hope, and works are not my own...
If I hope to serve Christ at all,
I am merely a vessel for Him to work through,
and my life is not my own.


Lyubov xrista said...

It’s amazing to see your devotion to Christ. Your right we are not our own we have been bought with a price. God chose us to be saved and sanctified.
Rebelution, is new to me. I just googled it. I have seen Brett and Alex before through the use of computer. Not in person. I have seen their ministry. But i have never heard about rebelution. What is it? I noticed John Piper on the web page, isn’t He blessed. God is using Him sooo much!
I guess the answer is no. I’m actually new to all of these blogs and so on.
You said you are called to be a missionary, what do you mean, can you share?!
• The song is amazing I love the words.

Lyubov xrista said...

Hey, Rebecca!

I Hope I don’t distract you from your scheduled activities through these posts. Please tell me if I do.
Do you remember Reading when John the Baptist was Baptizing before he Baptized Christ he said there is One coming to whom he is unworthy to untie the sandals on His feet. What John is saying is that he does not deserve to be a servant/slave to Christ. He saw the depravity within himself. He noticed the material God used to create him and he knew that he wasn’t any greater than Dust.

I wish I could have such a heart with such a low view of myself. The reason I say this is because you encourage me by saying “blessed are the feet of those who preach the Gospel.” I am so unworthy. God saved me from a life style so horrible that I can’t stop myself from sharing Christ. My Greatest Possession, value, Joy, Fulfillment… I would be a fool if I did.

It interests me to hear you say that you can’t explain your calling. Because there is so, so, so much truth in that. Gods Devine Call is truly Devine; our minds at times cannot comprehend his calling because we have come to see who we are (sinful) and who God is (HOLY). All I can say is WOW.

Our Group Sl3d is going to Ukraine for about the entire summer. Although, I wish to serve in UA for a longer time; if it be, let it be with my whole life. I will be flying out May 27, 630pm from La. And Flying back in Aug. 15 around 430pm. I pray that is a trip God will use to open my eyes to Missions in a deeper and more intimate way. So I would see His love for the World that surrounds me and that I am a part.

I’m glad you said God calls us to be both missionaries within our Home just as well as abroad. It is amazing to see the work of GOD within you (the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks). What countries is GOD laying upon your heart for prayer? Or more clearly what area of the world do you want to make the NAME of our GOD great. (Mal. 1:11) - He’s actually making His name great in every nation at this moment; therefore we are joining in that work. What Grace!
I’m praying that DAD would bless you!
I’m am unworthy to be called His slave,

- Vitalik
P.S thank you once again...

Lyubov xrista said...

Well I guess I’ll tell you a little about what God has done in me and what He has made me to be. God granted me the gift of being born somewhere other than The U.S. I am an immigrant from Ukraine. The same country we are going to serve in this summer. I have lived in the United States almost 12 years. Therefore I was very young when I immigrated to this nation; I was six. I haven’t been beck ever since I first left. Calculating both numbers I am 17. The keyword is I almost lived here 12 years. I was born in Kiev UA on September 08, 1990. I wrote a little about the story of what happened during the night I left the land of Ukraine, if you search Vitaliy Kovalinskiy on Google and it’s a sight called
I tend to say, in sarcasm, that I moved to the U.S. as a Missionary. But I wasn’t saved when I was a six so that isn’t true. The Thought is actually True we are missionaries where ever we are because we are missionaries to this world: From the point we are saved we are from a heavenly place far, far away. We are not of this World. But I have been to Mexico on a mission’s trip also. I feel like I am saying that being a missionary is when I go to a different country, that isn’t completely true. It begins here. I wander where in Mexico you served. Our group went to Tijuana, Mexico. We joined with Caravan Ministries for an entire week. That is the extent of my missions work outside the U.S. I like to think every Christian is a Missionary or you can say, “To be a missionary is to be a Christian.” In this case you are a missionary where ever you go.
I became a Christian Missionary when I was around the age of 13 near 14. My Testimony Is Kind of a personal one. I mean in the sense of: it’s best if I share it in vocal words because it’s confusing to understand. But the General Idea is found in Col. 1: 12-16. I was a Christian throughout My High school years. It was very hard because of the background I came from. I had to deny and Pick up the cross daily. Many of my friends left me to myself because I couldn’t fellowship in their joy for sin. I Began to Hate sin. In reality God got rid of them so that I would focus on Him Alone. My eyes were open, although being a child it was very hard for me to be without friends. Throughout That period of time God thought me a little of what it means to say, “God is enough.”
I do not know how to say it but I matured really fast therefore I wasn’t like any other freshman in high school. God blessed me to prosper in my education in high school. I graduated in ’07. I just finished my first year of college. And yes I am still 17. God used my age to humble me throughout my education; especially this semester. It feels like I do not know anything. I am No One. Why do I assume I can think without God if I can’t breathe without HIM? God Granted reliance on Him this semester, but I feel like I Have so much more to rely on Him because I find myself trying to be self sufficient too often.
So why is the group going to Ukraine Called Sl3d. It’s simple! Slеd (3= е) is the sound for След. Which means Foot Prints or to follow. It is derived from the passage in the Gospels where Christ tells the Disciples to Leave everything and Follow HIM! Yah it would be complex if you don’t know Russian or Ukrainian.
Most of the Team is from Fresno, CA. Meaning I am not from LA area. But man how I want to go to a Bible college there called Masters College. I don’t know if you have heard of Grace Church, but they have a College there named Masters. John MacArthur is the President there. It’s a really neat college but so far God is keeping me at Fresno State.
What is the College you are going to attend? I don’t know any others ones except BIOLA (Bible Institute of Los Angeles).
Rebecca, to tell you honestly, I do not know what to major in. I want to do History because it can be closely related to the Bible but in reality I can’t choose because ever since I was saved I wanted to serve in a different country not a career. So now I don’t know. At this moment I want to lean towards history and minor in music. Hopefully in the spring semester I can go to masters College and after I get my B.A. there I can go to the seminary, called Masters Seminary. That would be very Blessed. All I can say is “God is in Control.”
That question is hard to answer because God has laid His hand on my heart to fight for my potential Brothers and Sisters. I noticed they are everywhere. But When I hear the words, “specifically where,” I would say send me to the frozen outskirts of Russia, to a land of Islamic People (Anywhere in western/central Asia), or a tribal people (Africa/ Islands). Like I said I am not quite sure.

I’m sorry for the length! And I am sorry for centering it on myself.

God Bless you,
Vitalik Kovalinskiy

p.s. Thank you for your prayers!