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Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Shall Seperate Me From the Love Of God?

As I sit here at my computer this morning, it is hard for me to think of the right words to write. First of all, Jesus is SO, SO, SO Good! I can scarcely comprehend his goodness and love towards me! Secondly, if He is so extremely great to me, why should I not serve him?

I'm very ecstatic because I thought I would have to wait until June 1 for my internship at my church- but by the grace of God I will get to start next monday!!!! PRAISE THE LORD! I'm so excited! It is truly an answer to many prayers!

I was thinking today of some

What can seperate me from the love of God?

What can seperate me from God's will in my life?
Only myself.

What can seperate me from God's wonderful grace?
Only my sin.

What can seperate me from God's power to answer prayer?
Only My iniquity.

And to think, Jehovah God is greater than me, my sin, and all my iniquity! So, if I let God work, NOTHING Can seperate me from God!

God is so gracious and kind. To think that God almighty- the one who created me, who created the stars in the sky and the birds that sing outside my windeow every morning, and who created and planned Redemption through Jesus Christ, oh, to think HE WOULD LOVE ME?!?!

"And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren."
-Luke 22:31-32

Satan has desired to have me, but Almighty God loves me, and he loves me enough to say he prays my faith will not fail- just like for Simon Peter. What a great blessing this is to my heart!!!!!!!

"If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God."
-Col. 3:1-3

Rebecca Lucille


Lyubov xrista said...

Nothing Will! For Gods Love Makes us new. Rebecca I thank you for all of your encouragement. When i read your posts my heart springs for joy because i see evidence of Gods work. Well i dont have much time to write i hope i will tonight. Cant promise. I got to getgoing i have bible study at 7pm. And cant be late. That will be a bad example. Lol. Well quickly about the verse or verses that God is using me to sculp my heart. They are many and often change as years pass by. But The verse that Comes to mind with the little time i have is Matt. 5:3-12. I hope i can tell you why soon. But when i see how sinful i am i can refer to Psalm 42:3 & 5. Thank you for the Psalm I love it. Ok i said ill make it short. Be Back soon!!!

God Bless you.

Hears a glimpse of the bible study. Exo. 6:1-8
and 12: 12-14 :the Passover Lamb

Hey since you have this blog do you have Gmail?

Your Brother only through the cleansing of the Blood!,

Vitaliy k

Lyubov xrista said...


So it means Servant of God in the Midst of light o r servant in Gods light… I like it. Do you want to trade names? Come on! Jk. Names are amazing especially when you begin to learn the names of GOD. “I AM” Is the greatest of all. Well it might not be but I love to know that God is I AM. I Am Holy, Sovereign, Wrathful, Just, Righteous, Loving, Jealous, Merciful, Gracious, All knowing, All present, And I can continue for eternity. Ooh yah He is Eternal. LoL. That shows how little I know.

Well when our group gets together we prep. What I mean by prep is we focus on practicing Skits, bible lessons, Activities, Songs… But before we either, have a bible study, sermon or we watch a sermon by well trusted preachers. Some might be Paul Washer, C.J. Mahanny, John Piper, Steve Lawson, John MacArthur, and so on. Hey have you heard about Resolved conference? It amazing! I can’t go this year because of God is taking me to Ukraine. God has been preparing our hearts so much. The Sled disunity post Is a glimpse of what he is doing. Although there is so much more to be done in the sense of this group uniting! Only in Christ can we of one mind, spirit and again mind! But also of one heart! Only in Christ this unity is possible. Heaven here we come. Only in heaven will there be no difference between one another. We all are in the gates of heaven on account of Christ’s blood. Nothing I do will make me better than anyone else. Let Glory Ring!

I love your post, it reminds me of Roman 8:26-39… Christ is our shepherd and nothing will separate Him from me. Even as stupid of a sheep as I am I will not get far when walking in the opposite direction of Christ because HE is a Faithful Shepherd. Christ will grab and bring me back!

Today was Amazing. I’m finally done with school. Well for the semester! No more thinking. I know I will be humbled by my grades but what can I say. In God I will trust. I felt like this semester I was so proud and tried to be self sufficient. I too often have these thoughts that I have to get an education or else I won’t be able to feed my family provide shelter, and clothing. Don’t get me wrong these things are proper But I feel like I had no faith that my God will provide. Only in education can there be sufficiency. I need to do lots of prayer on this subject.

Bible study went great. God spoke once again isn’t He faithful. And sovereign! The Passover lamb is amazing. The Plagues are great. And God is lovely and Compassionate towards the Egyptians in the midst of the plagues. There is no other LORD then THE GOD OF ISREAL! No other GOD than “I AM!” Alleluia (in Russian) Not Halleluiah; no H.
I had my Final today and it could not have gone better. I rejoice but at the same time I notice that I need to change so much. I need to be transformed by the renewing of my mind constantly. I need to be transformed from Glory to Glory in order that I may live in a manner worthy of the Gospel.

I noticed throughout this week that I scarcely pray. You know what that means. I think I control my own life. I’m Proud, I think I am self sufficient when in reality I am so dead in my trespasses but only by the Blood of the True Living Lamb (Christ) do I live in HIM.

You asked me about my life verse. To be honest with you it has changed Many times. One is Joshua 1:8. It’s about not letting scripture depart from your mouth, but the other is one that I mentioned earlier in the letter. Romans 8:28. But yah, I can’t just keep one or two verses; I try to apply the whole bible. It’s like every single time God is teaching me something new. New parts of scripture are amazing. I also shared the passage found in Matt. 5:3-12. That one is recent. And God has done so much through that passage.

I can’t imagine you loving Starbucks. Just kidding! Every girl loves Starbucks. I guess that’s what makes girls talk a lot. Lol. Joking, joking… You know its going to be quiet in heaven for 30 min. I’m serious it says so in revelations. That means guys will have some peace! Again I’m joking!

Sermons by John Piper are amazing! Yah God has used him so much in my life. Thank God for what God has done in me through the man. Rebecca what did you like about the sermon by Paul Washer? Clothed in Christ.

I think I should go to sleep! It’s about 2. Man this took me a while to write.

Although you won’t read this until you awaken. Sweet dreams.
Oh yah one more thing. You said you’re a humble sister by the blood of Christ at the end of your letter. Sleeping is a humbling activity. When we sleep it shows that we can’t be like God. We need rest. We can’t get things done. Well yah. *Night!* I need rest. Ah I like thinking about sleep. I think it’s better if I get some. Ok I need to stop.

Thank you for your passage in Job 42:1-6. I got lost and looked in Psalms 42:1-6. Saturate yourself with that passage it’s amazing. I’m glad I read it!